Meet PacifiPuppy Foley, the Face of Chrysler's new Partnership with Canine Companions for Independence

Chrysler recently launched a new social initiative, joining with Canine Companions for Independence and its "Give a Dog a Job" campaign to help raise awareness and support in order to provide dogs for veterans, children and adults with disabilities. Fans may follow Foley as he goes through a training journey that will take him from playful pup to a fully-trained assistance dog.


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The "Give a Dog a Job" campaign trains service dogs throughout the country to help wheelchair users complete everyday activities, including getting in and out of their vehicles. The dogs are provided free of charge, and, at this time, hundreds of people are currently on the waiting list to receive a trained assistance dog. It takes two years to completely train a Canine Companions for Independence assistance dog, and the full cost of raising, training, placing and supporting a dog is $50,000.

To track Foley as he goes through his formal training, just monitor the #RaisingFoley and #FoleyFriday hashtags on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Contact Johnny Roberts Motors to learn more about the Chrysler Pacifica and the "Give a Dog a Job" campaign.

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