That "Check Engine" Light Is On Again?

When you are driving and your attention is drawn to your dashboard because an amber light flicks on that says "Check Engine," you might want to panic and see in your mind's eye a ton of expensive repair bills. Although it can be serious, there is little reason to panic, unless smoke is roiling from under your hood or you hear metal grinding. Check your gas cap first: if it's loose or not screwed in properly, that could be the problem. If the light stays on, it is time to see an authorized service technician.

Do not ignore the warning light. Further operation could damage your engine or make things worse. See your dealer, and he will have an authorized technician do a diagnostic test, which is quick and easy. The technician will tell you within a few minutes what the problem is by plugging a small tablet into a plug beneath your dashboard. It's that simple, and there is little reason to panic.
Always ask a factory authorized technician to service your vehicle.
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